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At Connexus Group, we manage claims as a core offering for Insurers, Lloyd's Syndicates, MGAs, Brokers and Portfolio run off specialists, as well as serving the claims requirements of fleet managers and accident aftercare programs for manufacturers and dealerships.

Customised solution

For many businesses in this sector, the term ‘outsourcing’ brings with it a connotation of fundamentally changing traditional processes. We recognise that in some cases this is a step too far.

For some businesses, end-to-end outsourcing on a white-label basis is the right solution whereas for others, integrating elements of an external process that are compatible with an existing internal process is what is needed. Whatever solution is chosen, it must integrate seamlessly with existing back office functions.

We work with you to build a tailored solution, enabling you to use either some or all of our services. We also understand that, if you do choose to outsource, then the solution must be transparent and cost-effective.

Transparent data

Our FileView facility enables real-time access to our systems to give clients the ability to review claims performance, answer enquiries and conduct external audits.

We provide access to a national supply chain for household claims, recovery and salvage services, engineering, fund management, fraud investigation, legal service provision and subrogation.

Experienced, dedicated team

Our complete claims solution is manned by our own staff 24/7, 365 days a year. 

With over 230 staff in our insurance, digital, legal, accounting and engineering teams, we are able to service our clients with first notice of loss (FNOL), engineering, replacement vehicles, medico legal reporting, diagnostics and rehabilitation.

  • Insurance claims handlers
  • Engineering
  • Medico legal reporting
  • Mobility solutions
  • Legal services
  • Finance & Accountancy
  • Compliance and risk management

We provide extensive internal and external training with an emphasis on continuing education. Many of our insurance staff are pursuing Chartered Insurance Institute and legal qualifications.

Acting as a Third Party Administrator

We assume responsibility under delegated authority arrangements from both insurers and MGAs on a wide variety of motor, household, property and casualty risks.

Our data analysts are able to build solutions to import voluminous data and present it in a database format that enables the production of management information, and to enable claims to be managed swiftly and efficiently.

We are regularly audited by insurers and Lloyds, receiving exemplary scores. Our existing delegated authorities range from £10,000 to £250,000.

We provide a full service offering to as TPA to include:

  • Data management
  • Indemnity and policy verification
  • FNOL & full claims management
  • Third party capture
  • Supply management and payment
  • Bordereau submission
  • Audit services
  • Legal defence
  • Costs negotiation
  • Subrogation recoveries

To find out more about our healthcare claims services, or arrange a meeting, simply contact us on 0333 043 1285 or click below:

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