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Performance Car Hire

We are a principal supplier of Performance cars to Private Clients, MGAs, Insurers, Brokers, Fleet Administrators, Motor Manufacturers and Dealerships throughout the UK and Europe.

Enjoy a reliable, stress-free experience

We understand your requirements, inside and out

We have specialised in this area of business for over 25 years and understand the requirements of high net worth customers who although insuring their car will also have connected household and commercial insurance with the same capacity provider.

We understand that a client who has had a poor claims experience will often simply vote with their feet rather than make a complaint.

That’s why Performance Car Hire is a provider that can be trusted to make what has already been a stressful experience for the policyholder involved in an accident or incident, into a well-managed and fuss free event where experienced claims handlers take over and manage all aspects of the matter in a calm manner. All of this takes the heat out of a difficult time.

Communication and collaboration is key

We work in collaboration with the insurer, MGA or fleet manager to utilise their approved repair process. Alternatively, we work in collaboration with Connexus Vehicle Assessors engineers and Connexus Insurance Solutions to arrange repair. This can be arranged via our extensive manufacturer-approved network of repairers, who provide significant discounts to our clients on parts and labour.

At all times we keep the broker fully updated as to progress and provide access via our File View facility to enable the broker, insurer, MGA or fleet manager to track the claim real time. The team can manage reserves and provide extensive MI in dashboard format showing costs trends and savings achieved against reserve.

Many of our clients are with us because we offer a level of service that our competitors cannot; discretion, consistency and quality are present at every stage of our service delivery. The majority of our clients operate in the high net worth arena. We are constantly looking to manage the claim process to keep hire costs down and monitor this using extensive MI reporting. We know our clients monitor the costs we incur for them and recognise that if we keep the costs down and service levels up we will retain their business.

Case Study

The brief

A policyholder was on holiday in Cannes and had an accident whilst driving their Aston Martin. The car was deemed unsuitable to drive.

The objective

The vehicle needed to be returned to the UK for repairs.


Our recovery agents picked up the vehicle in a single vehicle covered transporter and had taken it back to the UK within 3 days of the accident occurring. It went straight to Aston Martin Works Service, who are one of our approved repairers. The vehicle was repaired to factory standards and was back with the policyholder in Cannes in time for their return home from holiday.

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