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Healthcare is a fast moving and complex area of insurance which requires Third-Party Administrators who are flexible, cost conscious, and are able to provide a multi-disciplinary team to the needs of an insurer, broker, and the insured.

Any solution proposed must also take account of regulatory change and compliance issues which are inevitably evolving and changing as Government policy.

At Connexus we don't cut corners.

We’ve put together a strong team of healthcare professionals including experienced claims handlers, legal specialists, digital and IT technicians and accountancy staff, who are able to take responsibility for their decisions and provide comprehensive management information to demonstrate compliance with service levels.

Our services provided as a TPA include:

  • Data transfer management and bespoke management information (we have an extensive team of digital and IT specialists and can manage data and reporting in any format required by an insurer client as well as providing real time access to claims processes
  • Policy verification and collaboration with Underwriters on future risk management
  • FNOL – 8am to 6 pm
  • Complaints management
  • Triage, intervention, diagnostic, treatment facilitation and rehabilitation as well as case note reviews
  • Catastrophic claim support outside delegated authority by specialist large loss team
  • Small case disposal and discharge
  • Management of legal panel including aligned internal legal panel
  • Real time reserving
  • Legal defence
  • Fund management and payment of claims
  • Subrogation and contribution claims management
  • Online real-time access to claims
  • Legal advice helpline
  • Lloyds ECF claims handling
  • Proactive and knowledgeable support through regulatory matters and the inquest process

We believe that there's a 'window of opportunity' in healthcare claims, where costs are capable of being controlled before they grow exponentially.

We assist by swift decision making and a proactive approach to ensure expeditious management of healthcare claims gives rise to the right outcome.

Traditionally, high-value medical malpractice claims are delayed by medical evidence, delays in court hearings or a willingness for lawyers on both sides to delay matters.

Because we have a multi- disciplinary team, and access to rehabilitation and medical reporting divisions, as well as aligned legal teams internally, our decision-making process ensures speed of delivery.

Fee structures are competitive for all areas of service and are discounted based on volumes of instructions.

Our arrangements are also holistic. Many healthcare claims are dealt with internally by insurers or they favour a particular law firm or expert. In these circumstances, we limit our services to those areas where the insurer client believes value can be added, or to assist with surge or run off parts of their business.

Reasons to use Connexus for healthcare claims

  • Our ability to complete tasks within agreed service levels, which is crucial in the healthcare space
  • The training and experience of our staff
  • Our pragmatic and proactive approach to claims
  • Our ability to manage a legal panel and ensure they comply with service levels
  • Our digital & IT capability, facilitating the management of complex data requirements
  • Our investment in technology
  • Our agility and flexibility in setting up and dealing with bespoke schemes, collaboratively with the insurer broker and insured corporate partners to manage claims in an ethical, and expert, way
  • Our focus on compliance and the resilience of our systems
  • The management of claims in a cost focused way, providing value for money and expeditious disposal of claims
  • Our understanding that your clients are your biggest asset

Combined cover policies

For healthcare policies that offer combined cover, we have specialisms in the following areas that compliment our healthcare proposition:

  • Product Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Property Covers
  • Liability Claims

Please note that for new contacts we require a lead in time of 6 weeks.

To find out more about our healthcare claims services, or arrange a meeting, simply contact us on 0333 043 1285 or click below:

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