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Property & Household

A significant degree of trust is required for an insurer, broker, or MGA to outsource its property/household claims services to a TPA because if it goes wrong then reputational and financial sequelae can be significant.

A significant degree of trust is required for an insurer, broker, or MGA to outsource its property/ household claims services to a TPA because if it goes wrong then reputational and financial sequelae can be significant.

In choosing a TPA cost is a major consideration along, with its ability to manage and protect data, the quality of staff it will allocate to the account., its ability to work within agreed service levels and to deliver a consistent and reliable service, which can be audited and managed with transparency for all stakeholders.

There is widespread disquiet in the market at the dearth of quality outsourced claims handling options and the market reputation of many TPA’S is falling.

There has been widespread amalgamation and consolidation which many consider a race to the bottom in terms of quality of service.

Often what is perceived as a very low headline cost for TPA claims service, is subsidised by increased claims cost from undisclosed commissions, higher loss adjuster costs because the TPA cannot make decisions on straightforward cases, a lack of identification of the opportunity for subrogated recoveries.

Although loss adjusters have a place there is a tendency to over – utilise them because staff at the TPA do not have the experience / training to dispose of cases on sensible terms without the need to incur loss adjuster costs.

Connexus senior manager have been engaged in audit of both current and run off books of business where there has been a clear failure to consider or pursue the prospect of recovery because it has wrongly been perceived as having limited prospects or of insufficient value to pursue, or, as a result of the loss adjuster often focusing on keeping the cost of the claim low – which is good- but failing to consider, or adequately determine prospects of recovery from a third party or arranging for another insurer to deal with, or contribute to a claim.

A Different Approach

Connexus provides a full- service household and property services claims handling option to insurers, brokers and affinities in the UK and Lloyds markets.

Connexus is well supported by its strong internal IT and digital team enabling the swift transfer of data on the set up of the scheme, real time access to “File View” enabling clients to track and audit with ease.

Connexus has grown organically over 25 years without merger or acquisition meaning its systems are mature, and reliable.

As opposed to the rapid turnover of staff that many TPA’S face Connexus sets out a path for career progression at the outset for its key staff along with a vigorous training and mentoring programme enabling a market leading staff retention and consistency of service.

If a scheme is large enough a dedicated team, branded email and telephony and direct links via API can be facilitated at competitive rates.

Connexus has its own tied panel law firms on hand to advise on coverage, liability, fraud and quantum issues on larger claims and an opinion on strategy can be sourced and dealt with swiftly.

On several schemes Connexus manages both loss adjusters and its internal panel lawyers and external lawyers on a transparent allocation of work that best satisfies the particular needs of the insurer- MGA- or broker.

Although Connexus has it own panel of experts and suppliers it is able to include insurer nominated suppliers and loss adjusters as well as any favoured law firms or Counsel.

This level of flexibility allows insurers to nominate what it perceives as its best and most cost-effective options and integrate it into the Connexus solution.

How Connexus sets up a new scheme?

Connexus offer the following services which can be provided holistically as an insurer / MGA requires:
  • Full FNOL service
  • Desktop Handling
  • Dedicated Claims Handlers
  • Policy verification
  • Provision of or management of legal expenses.
  • Provision of or management of help lines.
  • Management of Loss fund and payment of claims.
  • Full claims management up to a LOE of £150, 000
  • Instruction and liaison with loss adjusters
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Management of Approved suppliers
  • Management of Lloyds MI and bordereau payments process.
  • Trend Analysis
  • Claims Surveys.
  • Data management and protection.
  • Management of websites
  • Provision and management of applications.
  • IT and digital support.
  • Salvage Disposal
  • Pro-Active and Accurate reserving

Connexus allocate an implementation team for any new scheme and manages the process with the Insurer weekly on “Teams” or in person to ensure processes are agreed and followed.

An analysis of digital and IT requirements will be carried out and a visit to the client’s premises and those of Connexus would normally follow.

Consideration is given to volume and nature of cases and a claims team established based on nature, value and complexity of claims.

A loss fund is available via a Trust bank account administered by a qualified accountant and her senior team.

Training is given on specific products related to the client and processes are signed off.

Market leading service levels along with sophisticated management information is standard.

Agreed protocols to combat forward using both software and internal processes are available and agreed.

The implementation process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to agree and then contract arrangements are finalised.

Connexus Expertise & Approach

Connexus have a long history of managing high net worth claims and is a market leader in this area. In the last 10 years Connexus has also take on a number of mid-net worth risks alongside specialist schemes.

Connexus now manages the following schemes:

  • Connexus now manages the following schemes:
  • High Net worth (residential)
  • Specialist Household.
  • SME Commercial (shops, restaurants, offices, manufacturing)
  • Retailers and Jewellers.
  • Run off schemes for property and household.
  • Emergency response teams.

Key Points of the service provided include: Key Points of the service provided include:

  • The service is available 24 hours a day ,365 days a year.
  • All calls are recorded.
  • Calls are answered within agreed service level times.
  • Data fields are completed in accordance with insurer requirements.
  • Internal law firms are networked, and subrogation recovery commences day 1.

To find out more about our household and property services or arrange a meeting, simply contact us on 0333 043 1285 or click below:

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