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Connexus Vehicle Assessors

Since 2012 we have provided motor engineering and accurate reporting services to the insurance sector, specialising in Prestige, Classic and Commercial vehicles.

Respected within the industry

We were established in 2012 and have built an excellent reputation within the industry in that time

We offer accident damage reports and post-repair inspections, as well as providing accurate insight into diminution and the outcome of low velocity impact. Full Audatex services and remote imaging available.

Our services

Accident Damage Reports (Desktop & Physical)

Clearly identified, salient details backed by comprehensive vehicle data and damage details. CPR compliant reports compiled by our own staff engineers. Fast turnaround in the UK.

Post Repair Inspections

Our engineers will examine a vehicle after repairs have been completed to assess whether they have been carried out to an acceptable standard, safely and as per the original estimate or report.

Our services level agreements aim to ensure our services are second to none. We ensure that all new instructions are on the system and have an engineer allocated to them within 24 business hours of receipt. For all areas of business, when there are delays the source is notified immediately.

We use Audatex as our estimating tool, which enables us to meet our service level agreements due to 95% of vehicles being available on the software. We use management system EVA (Electronic Vehicle Assessment) to create reports, this system integrates with Audatex allowing the repair details to be transferred and included in the report. This system also allows us to monitor outputs such as number of reports per month and savings made.

Physical Inspections

For physical inspections, we ensure these are completed within 48 business hours where possible. Within 72 hours of instruction, the report is released to the source.

Desktop Inspections

Contact is made with the Client/Repairer within 24 hours of instruction and the inspection is completed and report released within 48 hours of instruction.

Estimates & Supplementary Estimates

These are actioned within 24 hours of receipt.

Case Study

The brief

A 1939 Lagonda classic car valued at 750,000 Euros had sustained heavy impact damage and water damage to the engine and interior following a collision in Belgium. The initial repair costs were close to deeming the vehicle beyond repair.

The objective

To reach an agreement between CVA and the repairer allowing efficient control of each repair stage, controlling and reducing the costs.

The outcome

After the repair costs were originally estimated at a value of 500,000 Euros. Following CVA’s management of the repair process the final costs came to a value of 350,000 Euros, 150,000 Euros less than the original estimate. This was confirmed at a post-repair inspection carried out after the vehicle had been safely returned to Belgium.

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