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TPA services

At Connexus Group, we have been operating as a Third-Party Administrator for more than 25 years. We offer a holistic and technically-advanced solution to Insurers, MGAs, Brokers and large corporate entities.

Expertise where you need it most

We understand our clients require a completely reliable and technically advanced solution with a clear and transparent approach to cost throughout, which reflects the value of the work done.

Our areas of expertise include high value motor and household, casualty, motor fleet services, niche risks and commercial risks as well as affinity marketing support for the sale of insurance products and policy administration.

We have experienced digital and IT teams who can support the importation and categorisation of data from myriad sources and provide sophisticated, bespoke MI to reflect the needs of particular insurance clients.

Our services

  • FNOL (First Notice of Loss)
  • Intervention and Third Party capture
  • Repair management and replacement vehicle provision for motor risks
  • Fund management
  • Validation of claims service
  • Fraud enquiries
  • Compliance and GDPR
  • Policy interpretation
  • Legal services including defence of third party claims
  • Subrogation Recoveries
  • Policy Administration for existing books and those in insolvency or run off
  • Engineering
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Web Design and Quote and Buy Services
  • Online Real time access to claims
  • Real time reserving
  • Logistical and Operational support
  • Merchant facilities
  • IT policy management both POS and back office
  • Digital, IT and web support services
  • Product development
  • Legal Expenses and ancillary products

Case Study

The brief

A new MGA required a supporting claims proposition for a multi-risk portfolio of specialist high value property and commercial risks. The MGA had arranged underwriting facilities with three separate capacity providers for a wide range of five new products.

The objective

To find one capacity provider that could deliver all the requirements in one, rather than having to spread services across three different organisations.

The MGA was a start up, so risk was high. They needed to ensure they enlisted a capacity provider that:

  • Was approved by Lloyd’s as coverholders
  • Was compliant
  • Could manage the funds related to the proposition
  • Could manage FNOL 24/7 with experienced and well trained staff
  • Could integrate data and policy verification processes
  • Could provide real time access to claims via a portal for audit purposes
  • Had an experienced legal team available to handle one of the specialist risks
  • Had a pricing structure that could be acceptable to a start up business
  • Had an IT support network available 24/7

The outcome

Connexus satisfied all criteria that the existing three A Rated and UK based capacity providers were covering. Arrangements were finalised within 12 weeks and the scheme went ahead and is still flourishing today.

Niche Insurance Risks

Insurers like choices! With consolidation in the market and M&A activity, choices have reduced.

For insurers who want to place specialty risks, HNW or risks that require a specialist team for affinity risks choices are few.

Some risks do not suit a “call centre approach”

Connexus have been managing risks of this nature for over 25 years and are able to support excellent customer care with state of the art digital services to enhance customer satisfaction, but still maintain a firm eye on providing value for money.

We have particular expertise in household risks for mid and high net worth policyholders as well as unoccupied properties, let properties, holiday homes and specialist property and commercial risks.

We act under a number of delegated authority schemes for many leading composite insurers as well as Lloyd’s Markets rating us with an audit approval of 99/100.

As well as employing experienced insurance claims handlers who adhere to exacting service levels, we have a strong national supplier network with service levels that mirror our own and we audit and manage performance to ensure quality.

Insurers can use their own network or amalgamate their approved suppliers on to our panel. Our services include a 24-hour FNOL service manned by our own staff with real time access to our systems for our insurer clients to monitor our performance.

Our service levels

Telephone calls
80% within 30 seconds
Telephone call recording
Records held minimum 6 years Requests for recordings within 48 hours dependent on ICO
Telephone abandonment rate
Less than 5% monthly
Return of telephone calls
1 working day or 8 hours
Notification of new cases
Telephone notification - immediate All others - 1 working day
Reply to correspondence
2 working days
Ongoing updates
As agreed
In accordance with DISP
Communication preferences
Electronic by email (originals not required) Fax (originals required) Post

Third Party Administration

As well as management of claims, we act on a number of schemes with full delegated authority up to significant limits of indemnity.

We work closely with our internal panel of legal advisors from two respected law firms to provide the following services:

  • Policy verification
  • Policy interpretation
  • Fraud checks using advanced technology
  • Client fund management
  • Bordereau based client reporting
  • Legal defence of claims and specialist costs team
  • Subrogation recoveries

Our fees are competitive and as we provide services from FNOL through to subrogation on niche risks this saves cost and provides a seamless, high quality service with coordinated MI, giving the client the full picture in one place.

In terms of technology, we provide:

  • Online facility for insurers to monitor claims real time
  • Online tracking for policyholders to track progress of repairs
  • Online claims notifications facilities
  • Extensive management information to assist in risk assessment

Run Off Services

As well as acting as Third Party Administrators on live books of business, Connexus Insurance Solutions and partners are able to provide multi-disciplinary services within the confines of one 24/7 IVR telephone facility.

This can save insurers significant funds in terms of management, compliance, audit and control of multiple TPAs.

Connexus Insurance Solutions has extensive experience in the Run Off sector. In recent years we have successfully dealt with a contract containing over 1 million policies from cradle to grave. Providing all aspects of required services, these included but were not limited to the policy administration on a daily basis, historic and FNOL claims services, legal support, financial management and the complete integration of the policy and claim database into our own systems. By integrating the data in this way, we are able to cleanse & validate the data to provide high level financial reporting, live data feeds as well as provide full claims data and reporting functions and a record of accomplishment showing significant savings against reserves.

Connexus have worked on risks involving supervision of up to 20 law firms and dealt with new claims reported in the areas of Motor, Employer’s Liability, Property and Professional Indemnity Risks, demonstrating continuous free flowing work models that protect the customer journey.

On a significant run off scheme, Connexus took over the policy administration of a significant multi-broker legacy book of fleet and single vehicle motor risks where the previous administrator ceased trading without warning.

Within a week of instruction, Connexus set up all lines of communication with both existing policy holders and acting brokers, the data was cleansed, validated and imported into our bespoke systems, we had created a rating system to ensure MTAs, cancellations and general policy changes could be implemented, as well as collection and repayment of premium, all without loss of reputation or financial detriment to the capacity provider.


We provide a dedicated and bespoke liability service ranging from large losses to large volume, low value claims where we combine use of technology with streamlined processes to control cost and ensure benefit for our insurer clients.

We are collaborative by nature and work with our clients to create the most effective, compliant solution to service the risk efficiently. We provide a 24/7 FNOL service underpinned by key fraud indicators and a legal team who are well versed in policy verification and interpretation, to ensure that only genuine claims are paid.

Our highly trained team have long experience of dealing with claims in the following sectors:

  • Employer’s Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Contractor
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Product Liability

We have a multi-disciplinary “large loss team” consisting of several senior claims handlers, a forensic engineer and accountant, and two lawyers with over 20 years of experience. The team are familiar with moving swiftly to assess loss and manage reserves as well as taking urgent action to mitigate costs.

Our priorities are to:

  • Process and advise on claims of a standard or complex nature throughout the UK
  • Reduce cost and maximize efficiency to the benefit of our insurer clients
  • Be fully abreast of developments in law and practice that may impact on our clients and advise them accordingly
  • Assist in the management of policy, indemnity and where appropriate repudiation
  • Assist with defence of legal claims and the recovery of subrogated losses
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