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Connexus Medical Appointments

Connexus Medical Appointments is an independent medical reporting business that works with Connexus Insurance Solutions.

Compliant and efficient reporting solutions

Connexus Medical Appointments (CMA) is a wholly independent business but works with Connexus Insurance Solutions to assist in providing standard and specialist medical reports in a number of areas such as RTA, EL, Disease Claims, Occupational  Health, Court of Protection, Public Liability and many others. They secured ISO 27001 accreditation in 2019.

CMA provides management information in the format which insurers and solicitors require enabling them to track the status of reports and their accounts in a completely secure environment. In addition, automated booking is being introduced in February 2019 to further enhance the customer experience.

In complex cases, a case manager will be allocated to manage multiple reports and assist in organising case conferences and JSMs from a medical perspective.

Striving for more

CMA also provides a medical notes reporting service and utilise trained medical staff for this purpose.

Medical reporting is one of the most important aspects of defending or promulgating a legal claim and CMA are particularly helpful in complex areas of law and in securing specialist medical expertise swiftly, whilst ensuring all parties are kept fully informed of progress. Records are obtained expeditiously and reports obtained in a compliant format without mistakes or inordinate delays.

In recent months CMA have introduced a new concept of interventional rehabilitation. This is for more serious and complex injuries and under the auspices of medical advice, alternative approaches are undertaken swiftly to speed the recovery process after a triage report is obtained giving a fully detailed and costed proposal at a fixed fee.

For Medco reports CMA is presently Tier 2 although intends to apply for Tier 1 status in Spring 2019.

For more information, visit the Connexus Medical Appointments website here.

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