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With an in-house team, we can provide digital and marketing solutions to the insurance industry. Our forensic knowledge of the market makes us an ideal choice.

In-house development

With our own in-house digital team, we can provide digital functions and marketing solutions that would otherwise be outsourced. We have a team of digital designers, software developers, data analysts, project managers and marketing specialists who are experts in their own fields but who also have a solid understanding of our sectors.

This team have developed websites using a number of software database platforms, providing Quote & Buy direct to consumer facilities for the sale of insurance.

We can provide:

  • Integration to back office systems and policy processing and database analysis
  • Service management information requirements
  • Building of websites
  • Arrangement of hosting
  • Web maintenance and support available outside normal hours

Reasons to use Connexus for digital solutions

The marketing section of this team ensures the right channel and medium is selected to achieve the best outcome, whether this be HTML email campaigns, community management on social media or technical search engine optimisation to ensure brand visibility in search engine results pages. The team adheres to the latest best practices and remain fully engaged in how the digital industries are evolving.

Our agility and adaptability, use of proven development practices and modern technologies, adherence to a high level of quality control and standards combine to ensure we produce engaging, functional applications and websites.

To find out more about our digital services, or arrange a meeting, simply contact us on 0333 043 1285 or click below:

Connexus Group
0333 0431 285
Lawshield UK
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Performance Car Hire
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Connexus Medical
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